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Nitsuko Electronics Corporation was established in 1999 from a branch of Nitsuko Corporation

as an independent manufacturer of electronic components.

This company is dedicated solely to the design, the manufacture and

sales of metalized film capacitors started over 80 years ago.
The excellent reputation of our capacitors in the overseas markets

as well as the domestic markets makes us one of the largest and most experienced suppliers.

Our actual amount of manufactured metalized film capacitors has reached 2.5 billion in 2000.
We can meet any requirement through the combination of our experience,

knowledge and vast depth of resources to become the customers' first choice.


Nitsuko News

New product FPB2 Series 630VDC Small

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Our head office acquires ISO 14001 of an international standard,
and is striving for environmental protection.
Attestation number JQA-EM061

Our company acquires ISO 9001 of an international standard,
and is striving for improvement of quality.
Attestation number JQA-QMA11708

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